Wroclaw University of Economics

A Unique University in a Unique City!

Wroclaw University of Economics is one of the top 5 economic Universities in Poland. It has over a 60 years history and a tradition of high quality education. 

The University has four faculties:
- Economic Sciences,
- Management and Finance,
- Engineering and Economics, and
- Regional Economy and Tourism.

Altogether it employs 784 academic teachers including 142 professors. The University is authorized to grant degrees, among them PhD and doctor habilitatus in economic science, organisation and management. It has around 18,000 students right now in the campus.

Wroclaw University of Economics is located within a compact campus in central Wroclaw. The University has access to wireless Internet widely available for students. The main Library houses 340,000 volumes and nearly 1,000 periodicals, a quarter of which are foreign. Moreover, the University has computer labs, two dormitories on the side of the University and three canteens inside the campus.

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